WooBowtie is an innovative new brand that has reinvented the classic bow tie.

We are a provider of wooden bow ties of various colors and styles. We are not your average bow tie company. Our style is a eclectic mix of edgy colors, materials and patterns. Our mission is to grab the attention of everyone in any room by daring to be different. Many men wear neck ties but real men have the confidence to wear wooden bow ties.

Why wooden bow ties?

Because they are stylish and trending Wooden bow ties are a labor of love that started during childhood. My grandfather often wore bow ties because in his day and age that was the norm. Besides my grandfather. It was also the most confident gentlemen around that wore bow ties, and they always exuded class and sophistication.

As a long time collector and part time seller of bow ties. We thought this would be the year to take the leap into full time entrepreneurship. Please support us as we continue our love of the style and allow us to bring it to your door.

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